Menopause and Birth Control

Q:I am rapidly approaching my 50th birthday and thinking about menopause. But I am taking birth control pills. My understanding is that as long as I take the pills, I will keep having a period. How will I know if I have reached menopause and no longer need a birth control method, if I keep

Keep Trim During The Holidays With Seaweed Body Wraps

The holidays are quickly approaching and keeping your body lean to ensure you fit in your festive attire, maybe a challenge for some of us. One way to help keep you wearing your hot dress comfortably is with a seaweed body wrap. Seaweed body wraps reduce inches by shrinking fat cells in addition to tightening

Miracles of a Bee Propolis

Nature is full of miracles, and humans are constantly rediscovering remedies and medicines that were used in the past. One substance that not many people nowadays know about happens to come from an often-avoided insect – the bee. Not only do bees produce honey, which in itself is amazing, they also collect resin from trees,

Teavana Silver Needle White Tea

The Silver Needle tea is another Teavana rare tea.  It is one that really hasn’t been seen in the Western World until relatively recently and was traditionally reserved for the Chinese elite.  This is a somewhat bland tea and is one that personally I don’t care for all that much.  It doesn’t have a whole

Tea Prices

It looked like the tea price rise of the year 2009 was loosing steam coming into the New Year. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (F.A.O), an agency of the United Nations, the world price for black tea was up more than 33% to settle at $ 3.18 per kg in September 2009 from

Bacteria in Sun Tea

If you are craving a cold glass of iced tea to cope with the summer heat, you might want to think again. As it turns out, the sun can only raise the temperature inside your brewing container to a maximum of 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which provides the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can make

Book Reviews Eat Smart Walk Strong the Screts to Effortless Weight Loss by Leslie Sansone

When I read the title of this book, I knew that I had to purchase it.  The book itself was in a clearance section of the local bookstore for only $2 so I figured if nothing else I would have something new to write a review on.  The book itself promises in the title that

Teavana Snow Geisha White Tea Drink Reviews

This tea is actually a new variation of an older variety that we used to enjoy quite a bit.  Unfortunately, this one doesn’t quite work as well as the original did.  It isn’t as potent and definitely has a much stranger flavor to it.  It isn’t nearly as bold as I would have liked and

Why Tea Prices may be Rising

Is the price of your afternoon beverage burning a hole in your pocket? Brace yourself. It’s going to get a lot worse. Kenya, Sri Lanka, and India account for 80% of the world’s black tea production. All 3 countries attempted to increase their production of tea in 2010 in response to increased global demand, although

Lady Grey Tea

Twinings Lady Grey tea, a variation on the Earl Grey blend, is light flavored and delicious. Like Earl Grey tea, Lady Grey is a black tea blend flavored with bergamot. Having added citrus flavors (lemon peel and orange peel) and less bergamot, Lady Grey has a lighter, sweeter taste. It is very good as both